Health Logic enters LOI for kidney assessment platform

Mr. George Kovalyov reports


Health Logic Interactive Inc., through its wholly owned operating subsidiary, My Health Logic Inc., has signed a non-binding letter of intent to acquire a leading digital chronic kidney disease (CKD) risk assessment platform from Dr. Navdeep Tangri, an arm’s-length party. The Kidney Failure Risk website is used by nephrologists worldwide to predict the risk of CKD in all people.

The Kidney Failure Risk website is used globally for risk prediction in the field of nephrology and is accessed by more than 50,000 health care providers annually worldwide. Patients with CKD and providers both trust the Kidney Failure Risk website for accurate information on the risk of dialysis, and it serves as an educational platform to highlight drugs and lifestyle interventions that can reduce the risk. The underlying equations were originally published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) in 2011 and validated in more than 30 countries in a subsequent JAMA publication in 2016.

My Health Logic plans to accelerate the growth of the digital platform, enabling the site to act as an on-line and smart-phone-connected information hub for education about lifestyle and pharmaceutical interventions for CKD. It is anticipated that Dr. Tangri, the current owner of the platform and a global expert in clinical risk prediction for CKD, will be engaged to lead development of the Kidney Failure Risk website and the My CKD Risk website upon closing of the proposed acquisition. Dr. Tangri is a world-renowned researcher in nephrology and risk prediction, and an expert in applying statistical and machine learning methods to prediction problems in kidney disease. He has published more than 250 peer-reviewed manuscripts, and is widely recognized as an expert on guideline panels and journal editorial boards.

When asked about this engagement, Dr. Tangri said: “I am excited to work with the Health Logic team to expand the reach of to patients and to create a new platform for CKD screening for patients and providers. With new therapies like SGLT2 inhibitors and MRAs, there has never been a better time to expand screening for CKD, and the platforms we will continue to advance will guide screening for patients and payers. We now have the tools to change the trajectory of kidney disease, early in its course, and I believe this collaboration will make it possible.”

Under the LOI, the purchase price is $150,000 payable in common shares of Health Logic at 10 cents per share. The proposed acquisition is subject to approval of the TSX Venture Exchange. The LOI is not binding, and the parties are not bound to complete the proposed acquisition on the terms set out herein or at all.

About Health Logic Interactive Inc.

Health Logic plans to develop and commercialize novel technologies through its wholly owned operating subsidiary, My Health Logic. At the present time, the company is not engaged in active business operations. The company intends to acquire and commercialize consumer-focused health care technologies that address areas of unmet needs, such as chronic disease management through point-of-care diagnostic medical devices that are connected to patient’s smart phones and virtual continued-care platforms. However, to date, it has not entered into any binding agreements for such acquisitions, and there can be no guarantee that the company will be able to identify, negotiate and complete such acquisitions or raise the necessary financings for such acquisitions, or for the development of its business should it be able to complete such acquisitions.

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